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Our Mission

The Law Office of Christine Majewski believes that you are not just a legal matter – you are a whole person. All areas of your life: physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, familial, and vocational are affected by your legal matters. You deserve a Law Firm that treats you as the whole person that you are, and helps you to become the whole person that you are destined to become.

Our Attorneys & Staff

Christine Majewski

Christine Majewski is our Supervising Attorney. She is a Michiana native who attended St. Joseph’s High School and the University of Notre Dame Law School. She has been practicing family law for 18 years, having served for 8 years as an Attorney for Child Protective Services. Christine is passionate about helping children and families.

Chelsea Hawkins

Chelsea Hawkins is our Paralegal and Administrative Assistant. She received her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in 2018. Her degree is in criminal justice with a minor in psychology Additionally, she holds a paralegal certification from Indiana University. She will likely be your first point of contact with our office.


Whether you are facing a specific legal issue or have questions that only an attorney can properly answer, The Law Office of Christine A. Majewski is here to help. The Law Office of Christine A. Majewski works hard to support clients across Northern Indiana, no matter the situation at hand.

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